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Face Coverings

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Reusable Neck Gaiters and Face Masks.

We are all fully aware of this strange situation affecting the whole world at the moment, and we’re all aware of the situation regarding both personal safety and the safety of others. 

We have now been advised to wear some sort of face covering, especially on public transport, so you may as well wear something that is well made, cool and trendy.

As face coverings and masks become more commonplace around the world (and in some areas, like public transport, it may become mandatory), rather than use a disposable, throw away item, why not try one of our trendy, stylish, reusable and washable neck and face gaiters? Kids neck gaiters now in stock.

All our items are finished and shipped from both the USA and Europe.

**Face coverings will be mandatory on public transport in the UK from the 15th June**

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